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LeoParking – parking areas operated by LCE "Lvivavtodor".
Convenient, comfortable parking in Lviv at affordable prices.
Pay for hours of parking through the Privat24, EasyPay and UNIP apps, or buy a subscription and save on paying for parking daily!


LeoParking includes:

List of parking lots and tariff policy:



Buy a subscription through the UNIP or Privat24 app та заощаджуй app and save on parking fees every day!

One-month, quarter, half-year subscriptions – it's up to you to choose!


If you have any questions about LeoParking, operated by LCE “Lvivavtodor”, please call us:

Hotline – 0 800 303 007

Hotline working hours:
Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Or leave an appeal in the feedback form:

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    General questions

    Payment for parking is available via:

    • non-cash payment via smartphone in the UNIP, Privat24, EasyPay applications
    • reading QR codes with a link for non-cash payment placed on information boards in the parking lot zone with a smartphone 
    • cash or non-cash payment method via a parking meter, in the parking area equipped with parking meters
    • cash payment via EasyPay terminals located near the parking lot

    When paying for parking, it is necessary to specify license plates of the vehicle. All letters and numbers shall be entered in accordance with registration certificate of your vehicle. Послідовність символів та мова введення мають бути згідно техпаспорту! The character sequence and input language shall be in accordance with registration certificate! If the license plates are entered incorrectly, the parking fee is not counted, and the vehicle owner may be fined! 

    In accordance with Resolution of Lviv City Council No. 120 dated 27 January 2011, residents of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th zones have the right to pay for parking with a benefit of 3 UAH/hour and(or) using preferential subscriptions only on parking areas directly adjacent to residential buildings in which these residents live.

    On weekends and holidays (after the termination of martial law), as well as from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on working days, parking fees are not charged to residents who are eligible for a preferential fee.

    To get a preferential tariff, please contact: 7 Pasiky Halytski Str., parking department or 10 Horbachevskoho Str., passenger service center. To make an appointment, you need to call the hotline at 0800303007 and conclude a contract between the resident and LCE “Lvivavtodor”.

    The resident shall provide the following original documents:

    1. passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
    2. vehicle registration certificate;
    3. identification code;
    4. documents on the ownership of a real estate that is located within and is directly adjacent to the corresponding parking lot

    – or documents confirming the registration of the resident at the address of the location of the corresponding parking lot

    – or another document confirming the permanent residence of a person at the address of the location of the corresponding parking lot

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